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About Browse for Change

You're just one click away from changing the world. Simply visit our Charity Mall and use the links there to visit participating merchants, and a portion of your purchase price will automatically be donated to charity. We work with the merchants and a number of causes and charities and handle the leg-work for you—all you have to do is shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of causes are supported through Browse for Change?

Browse for Change works with nonprofits, schools and many other associations.

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Am I able to support a cause that is not listed on the site?

We are constantly evaluating new charitable opportunities. If you would like to recommend a cause, please let us know! Go to contact us, add the name and website of the cause and we will take it from there.

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Are my purchases secure?

Absolutely. Your purchases still take place directly between you and the online merchant. Using the Browse For Change Charity Mall or Browser Extension does not in any way reduce or eliminate the security of transactions with participating merchants.

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Why should I add the browser extension?

Our plug-in, or browser extension, makes giving automatic whenever you shop online—even if you forget to visit You can find the extension on our Download page. Once it's installed into your browser, anytime you visit one of our merchant's homepages, you'll get a dialogue box informing that this merchant is participating with and a portion of your purchase is donated to charity.

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How do I remove the browser extension?

You can view detailed uninstall instructions for the browser extension on our Uninstall page.

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When are donations made?

Browse for Change makes donations monthly.

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Can you make donations with non profits that you are not directly affiliated with?

Yes, some users may prefer to add their cause that we have not yet partnered with. Just submit your cause through the contact us page. Causes that do not have a formal relationship with and do not receive co-branded marketplaces, but may receive donations from supporters through

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Are my donations tax deductable?

Generally they are not, but you may wish to speak with your tax advisor.

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Do you share my information with the merchants I visit?

No. When you click through to a merchant site, all we pass along to them is an anonymous code. When you make a purchase, they report back to us with that code, allowing us to track the sale and make a donation on behalf of your purchase.

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Do I need to download the browser extension?

No. Downloading the extension is optional; however by doing so you gain access to more enhanced features including a larger list of Merchants.

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Information for Charitable Organizations

I would like to add my nonprofit to your list of causes, how can I do that?

Browse for Change works with many charitable organizations, you can contact us for more partnership information.

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Does my organization need nonprofit status?

No, your organization does not need to be a nonprofit, but you must have a Tax ID number in order to receive donations. We cannot accept social security numbers.

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Do you charge organizations or their supporters?

No. Some of our merchants even offer discounts to people who shop through

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